Turn your biggest “weakness” in to your superpower.


For as long as I can remember I have been told that I am too sensitive.

“You take everything so personally.”

“You're too sensitive.”

“Get a grip.”

“Man up.”

“Stop worrying about everyone else and focus on yourself.”

In my early 20’s gained a nickname with the group I hung out with - “gazelle”. They would refer to me as gazelle or  Bambi in conversations in their “code”. They saw we as weak and fearful, like a baby deer caught in the headlights. A lost Bambi searching for a home.

It became my story. 

“I’m too sensitive”

“I’m too fragile”

“I’m weak”

It followed me through school, jobs, relationships.

It stopped me from takings risks or making changes.

It kept me stuck. 

I was always looking for external validation and never stepped in to my power. 

Over time I found my way to jobs where we were encouraged to use our unique skills. Despite being quiet, I was always kind and a team player. As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I feel deeply connected to others, I care about others and am highly empathetic. 

Over time, I started to look closely at these beliefs that others had about me, that had become my own. I thought about those qualities and realised that I deeply value those qualities in others, why not myself?

My sensitivity is a gift, not a weakness.

It meant that…

  • As a web developer I was able to prioritise accessibility and caring about how the person at the other end of the code would interact with it.

  • I built good working relationships with my teams as I deeply care about them and valued their individual skills. I can see potential and natural skills and how we all fit together in a team.

  • As a User Experience researcher I was able to put myself in the users shoes, understand their pain points, really understand why they were important and work to fix them.

  • As a yoga teacher I am able to judge a room and will often structure my class on the fly, depending on the energy of the room. I notice when a student is struggling with a pose or injury and can gently remind of adaptations. I deeply care about my students and the experience they have in my classes.

  • As a friend I am able to listen and hold space without judgement. I can understand even when I have not been through the same.

Today I embrace my sensitivity as my superpower.

Do I still get told I’m too sensitive? Absolutely. But these days I just smile, send them love and think to myself it’s a shame that they don’t see it for the gift it really is.


If you would like help turning your “weakness” in to your superpower, book in for a free consultation or DM me to see if I can help.

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