Hi! I’m Michelle


Namaste 🙏.

It's so nice to virtually meet you! I am Michelle and I am the face behind Live Happy Live Healthy.

I empower and support women to take control of their mental and physical wellness to live happy and healthy lives through their personalised holistic toolkits.


Why does this matter so much to me?


I am passionate about mental health and the importance of a spiritual and self-care practice to connect to our purpose and inner guidance. I have been published in major wellness magazines including Health & Wellness and Spirit & Destiny.

Having overcome depression, negative body image and low self esteem myself with the power of yoga and personal development, I have developed a holistic toolkit that is the heart of my yoga teaching and coaching and am dedicated to empowering women to manage their physical and mental wellness in a way that works for them.

Having practiced yoga myself for the past 15 years I have experienced the benefits for mind, body and soul and am so excited to now share yoga with you all.

My philosophy is to share the benefits of yoga without it being scary or mystical. My classes are informal and aim to build a community of like-minded people who can feel the benefits of yoga without feeling pressure to take themselves super seriously or feeling threatened by "the perfect yoga body".

My yoga classes are for EVERYBODY, every body shape, every body size and every ability level. Yoga should not be competitive.

What makes me qualified to support you


All that I do is rooted in an embodied practice - integration is key to all my learning and offerings. I believe in leading by example. 

  • These practices supported my healing from crippling anxiety,  depression and disordered eating.
  • My daily yoga, meditation and reiki practices allow me to balance my emotions.
  • A natural empath and space holder. 


Always a student, these are my most recent certifications to support you with holistic practice offerings.

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher
  • 300hr Advanced Yoga Psychology
  • Spiritual Life Coach - Distinction
  • Fertility Yoga - Distinction
  • Yin Yoga - 30 hr CPD
  • TeenYoga Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Young People - 60 hr CPD
  • Yoga Nidra