An Introduction to Self Care for Chakras

In a world that usual moves so fast we can barely pause, many of us have lost touch with our inner wisdom and ancient teachings.

With a focus on our physical bodies and a never ending stream of advertising aimed at getting us to focus outwardly at all times, I’m calling you to turn inward and bring self-care to your energy body, not just your physical body.

Let's face it, 2020 was one hell of an unusual year, it's more important than ever to turn inward and re-connect with ourselves and harness the power of ancient teachings for our modern lives.

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Do you want to feel empowered to understand your chakras and balance them with holistic practices?

  • 7 x training modules on the chakras, their meanings and possible effect on our lives when out of balance and how we can support them holistically (Value of £175)

  • Printable e-Book to support the training covering all 7 main chakras (Value of £22)
  • 7 x Flow yoga classes (Value of £84)

  • 7 x Yin Yoga classes (Value of £84)

  • 7 x Guided meditations (Value of £70)


Manages our sense of security and belonging.


Associated with creativity, relationships and sexuality.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Responsible for our sense of personal power, confidence and inner-strength.

Heart Chakra

Responsible for our ability to give and receive love both to others and ourselves.

Throat Chakra

Our source of effective communication and self expression.

Third Eye Chakra

Associated with our insight, intuition and psychic abilities.

Crown Chakra

Responsible for our connection to universal energy, our spiritual nature.

Meet your course guide.

Hi! I'm Michelle, I am a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, intuitive coach and co-author of Amazon bestseller, The Divine Power of The Feminine Collective.

I spent 20 years working in busy digital agencies, once I had kids also in the mix the juggle, overwhelm and guilt was immense.

Having already overcome anxiety and depression with the power of yoga and personal development, I am dedicated to empowering women worldwide to manage their physical and mental wellness with a personalised holistic toolkit.

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"The affirmations really helped and I feel much calmer this week 🙏"

Caroline A.

"Am so enjoying the course! I really like Michelle's teaching style. I had a rough week at work so this weeks theme [peace] has been so appropriate."


Did you know?

During the period between wake and sleep, your brain is at a frequency called theta. this is associated with rapid programming so is the perfect time to listen to affirmations to reprogram your mind.

Start your day and/or end your day listening to the guided chakra meditations to experience powerful shifts.

I'M READY to harness the power of these ancient teachings and practices today