Bye Bye Burnout

Join our kula! This heart-led community is for all yoginis, healers, mamas and caregivers who give so much to everyone else that they forget to care for the,selves.

Imagine this...

‚ú® Your ebbs and flows were a superpower rather than a blocker.

‚ú® You work with your energy levels rather than trying to override and push through.

‚ú® Your yoga practice ebbs and flows with the moon, with the seasons, with your own unique energy. (No more intense vinyasa on a moon day!)

✨ You know how to integrate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with your modern lifestyle in a way that doesn't breed resentment and restriction.

✨ You are part of a community of friends who support and encourage you when you need and give virtual high fives when you're winnning at life. We are your biggest cheerleaders.

Don't be part of the burnout epidemic


We are facing an epidemic of burnt-out mamas, healers, caregivers and women who give to everyone but themselves.

It needs to change. The world needs you rested, restored, vibrant and ready to shine your light.


It took me years to commit to my Ayurveda training as it always seemed far too restrictive and unachievable to me. That's why I'm so passionate about sharing bitesize practices that you can incorporate into daily life without getting stuck in overwhelm like I did. 


When you're ready to go deeper, we can but you can see big differences from small changes when you know the basics.


I'm no guru,
but let me be your guide.

Hi! I'm Michelle, I am a yoga teacher, reiki master-teacher, intuitive coach and author.

I spent 20 years working in busy digital agencies, once I had kids also in the mix the juggle, overwhelm and guilt was immense. I re-trained as a yoga teacher to bring balance to my life and schedule.

Having already overcome anxiety and depression with the power of yoga and personal development, I thought it would be enough. But I found myself exhausted from space-holding, suffering empathy fatigue from FEELING it all, mine and everyone elses.

Integrating reiki and ayurvedic principles into my daily life has helped me lean in to trust, restore my energy and manifest a dream home and schedule doing what I love. I want to show you how.

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Who I work with

This is for you if you appreciate community, gentle accountability and flexibility on your healing journey.

You probably feel like you're too busy to take care of yourself and too stressed to relax. If so, you need this!

Who I don't work with

I only work with women in this membership, sorry guys! 

And if you're already in perfect health, feeling balanced, happy, healthy and have a daily yoga practice of your own you may not need this although you're still very welcome to join our practices and bring your wisdom and experience to the table. 

What makes this different?

Real support with chances to connect with me weekly to ask any questions. 


Seasonal practices aligned with natural cycles to feel your including slow flow yoga, yin yoga, meditation and yoga nidra.


You will have access to the library of resources during the season so can revisit practices whenever you need. 


Seasonal workshops to explore the core Ayurvedic principles and simple solutions to integrate small changes straightaway.


I take very limited numbers of clients at a time to give you my full energy and attention.

Join for Spring 2024

"The affirmations really helped and I feel much calmer this week ūüôŹ"

Caroline A.

"Am so enjoying the course! I really like Michelle's teaching style. I had a rough week at work so this weeks theme [peace] has been so appropriate."


"It's like therapy!"


Say bye bye to burnout

Beat burn-out by prioritising your mental, emotional and physical health in pockets of time.

Say bye bye to burnout, creating a routine that supports you feeling flowy and glowy. 

What's included

  • Weekly on-demand practice aligned with the moon cycle and season (flow yoga, yin yoga, meditation or masterclass)

  • ¬†Live weekly call to¬†get any questions answered and connect with the rest of community.

  • Seasonal masterclasses focussing on integrating ayurvedic principles to support you through the season.¬†
  • Access to all content as long as you're in the club to revist the practices whenever you need them.
  • Downloadable workbooks to support you on your journey.
Doors open now for Spring 2024