This week I tuned in to and leaned in to intuition.

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This week I tuned in to and leaned in to intuition.

This past year, so much has been out of control that I’ve found myself drawn towards old control freak behaviours, over-planning, perfectionism, self criticism cropping up. Control is a sure sign that my mental health needs some nurturing so I’ve immersed myself in yoga nidra and meditation, focussing on calming the nervous system and letting go of expectations.

Waiting in line at the local shop, I suddenly got the idea of buying a certain scratch card. I never buy scratch cards, never play the lottery, never really even look at the cards but it popped in to my head and I listened. I won £20 - a £15 profit, pretty good ROI!

Wandering around Costco on a pre-Christmas shopping trip I suddenly knew that I could get an online supermarket shopping delivery, they had all been sold out the day before with no dates available before Christmas but I suddenly knew that there was one for that same week. Right there in Costco I popped out my smartphone and placed my order for a delivery slot the very same week, on the day I originally wanted.

You may say coincidence but I’ve found when I trust those little intuition hits they work out well or lead me in the right direction to something amazing.

But the very best thing I’ve learned from all my inner work is to be curious and to be much more aware of what’s going on for me.

All the yoga, meditation, mindfulness, essential oils, energy work, self inquiry, nutrition and supplements (etc) in the world cannot stop life from happening, stress from happening and things cropping up. Just because you practice these things your life will not magically be sunshine and rainbows BUT if you can notice the signs, tune in to your energy and honour it by understanding and giving yourself what you need to get through whatever crops up - this is what personal development is all about - understanding your own behaviours and needs and responding to them.

I was able to notice old patterns and take action, implementing tools from my holistic toolkit to nurture and restore balance. To calm my energy and my nervous system.

I’m here to support you to do the same.

I have a limited number of 1:1 coaching spots opening up in January 2021, or you can join my Introduction to Self Care for Chakras Course at a super special end of year deal to help you understand and manage your energy in this crazy year.

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