Crystal healing for busy yogis

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I’ve always been drawn to crystals ever since I was a teen but didn’t really know much about their healing properties until I started to get more interested in a natural approach to health sparked by fertility concerns in my early 30's. I was more and more drawn to alternative and complementary practices to support my mental and physical health and being naturally drawn to them I started to delve more into different crystals and their meanings as a compliment to my yoga practice and interest in energy healing.

These days you'll find crystals with me whenever I teach, coach or give reiki treatments. In fact, you'll find them all around my house, in my car, in my bag and on my body somewhere!

They've become a daily ritual in both my personal and professional practices.

How to use crystals to support healing

I personally turn to crystals regularly depending on the emotions I’m feeling at the time. If I’m lacking in confidence I’ll grab crystals that relate to the solar plexus chakra such as citrine, if I’m feeling fearful, stressed and low in mood then a protective stone such as labradorite or the super soothing amethyst which I find really calming. For me, they are a complement to other practices including yoga, meditation and reiki.

I struggled with anxiety and depression for years - medication wasn’t for me but I also saw a counselor for a short time which was the start of believing that I had the power to lift myself up and actually feel good, it opened me up to personal development and ignited my passion for taking care of my mental health holistically. I’ll often have crystals with me when I practice yoga or hold them or place on my body during meditation, or reiki healing. They are always placed by or on my mat when teaching to form a crystal grid.

I've read a lot of studies on the science behind complementary practices like crystal healing and what I believe more than anything is that the most important thing we can do is find what works for us as individuals and not feel shame around seeking help in whatever form that takes for us.

Crystals can seem a bit "woo woo" but if they can help you to anchor into a feeling, and provide comfort or hope then they are working with our boy's natural ability to heal itself.

Three ways to integrate into your yoga practice

If you’re looking to bring crystal healing into your yoga practice, there are many ways you can do this, for example:

Create a crystal grid on your mat.

Choose crystals you are drawn to and place on the outer corners of your mat and halfway along the length to create a grid around you, you may also like to wear a small crystal or place in the little key pocket in your leggings if you have them or many yogis place a small tumble stone in their bra. You create a healing grid with yourself and your practice at the centre, amplifying the energy healing benefits of your yoga or meditation practice.

Place crystals on your body

During savasana, you could place crystals on or by your body, either placing on the chakras or any spot in your body that feels like it would benefit. This also works well in restorative yoga or yin where you are relaxing into the poses for a length of time.

Your body may give you clues of where to place crystals through physical sensations - if there’s an area of your body that feels tight or uncomfortable, maybe it needs some extra love. If you have been feeling anxious, you could place by the soles of your feet for grounding or if place rose quartz on your chest if you need to feel loved and comforted.

Hold during meditation

Place your hands gently in your lap with a crystal in your palms to provide an anchor. Choose crystals relating to your intention for your practice - want to feel more confident? Choose something bright like citrine. Want to feel calm and grounded? Amethyst or smokey quartz will feel soothing and protective.

Can Crystals really help with healing?

There are studies into the frequency and vibration of crystals and how they interact with our own energy field. Whether you believe in their healing properties or not I do believe that crystals can play a role in supporting our mental health - whether that be in terms of their vibrational healing, the connection to something physical from nature and the sense of wonder at its beauty, or purely the intention.

If we believe something is going to help us, it’s likely it will as it shifts our beliefs and mindset, we feel supported. If the healing vibration is a bit too “woo” for you then instead you can use crystals in a symbolic way - let the crystal symbolise how you want to feel so you can tune in to that feeling, or use as an aid and focus for meditation.

I use crystals daily both for myself and with clients and believe that, when used as a compliment to other practices, healing crystals act as a wonderful support.

If you'd like a quick guide to which crystals to choose to support different energies in the body, my free ebook An Introduction to Self Care for Chakras gives suggestions on crystals, oils and yoga poses to support your energy centres.

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