The Healthy Emotions Movement doesn't stop here


I took my foot off the gas, dropped the ball, did all the things a business owner "shouldn't" do.

During my Healthy Emotions Movement, a week for engaging with students and welcoming new members in to my community I went out with a fizzle not a bang. This weekend was due to be a big celebration of what we have all learned about ourselves this week but to be honest, come the end of the week I was wiped and instead of engaging with everyone and showing up online, I spent the Saturday resting most of the day. As I write this it is the Sunday and I’ve been snuggled on the sofa for a day of Disney movies, hot chocolate and popcorn.

It has not been a productive or high vibe weekend! But if there’s one thing I want my community to take from this week and the Healthy Emotions Movement is that being in a high vibe emotion all the time is not the goal, the goal is to honour and understand where you are at and then nurture yourself as needed. Yes we want to create an upward spiral not get stuck in a downward one but having a full range of emotions from the emotional guidance scale is healthy and normal.

This was my Healthy Emotions Movement week. It was also the week my son caught a cold and was off school all week.

This was my Healthy Emotions Movement week. It’s also the week my daughters couldn’t go in to school until their brother had a covid test.

This was my Healthy Emotions Movement week. It’s also the week I had to covid test my 4-year old (not fun) and then the results were delayed.

This was my Healthy Emotions Movement week. It’s also the week I spent hours every day managing ongoing issues with a mortgage application and house move.

It’s been a tough one and after months of house move stress, Saturday morning came and I felt so emotionally drained I could barely function.

I want you to know that that’s okay. It happens to all of us.

Taking time to rest doesn't come easy to me, even after all these years of practice. It’s so deeply engrained that you just keep going and power through that I still have to remind myself that it’s okay to stop and take a pause.

So this weekend has been my pause and since I’ve been on pause I’m extending my offer for the #HealthyEmotionsMovement for a week.

Until midnight Saturday 22nd May when you purchase my Find Your Happy Course for yourself, you can also gift one to a friend. Or you can split the bill, up to you.

It’s all online and focuses on practices to shift and work with emotions over 6 weeks but you can do it in your own time and there’s lifetime access.

This course has formed the basis of my 1:1 coaching, my collaborations with Spirit & Destiny Magazine and my own healing journey.

The Healthy Emotions Movement does not stop here, he have a responsibility to know ourselves better, to better manage and shift our emotions and to lead by example.

As always, reach out with any questions - I’d be happy to answer them.

Love & light,

Michelle x

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