The reiki-infused yogi

A 12-week CPD accredited training and mentorship for burnt-out yogis looking to elevate and energise with reiki energy healing.

Imagine if...

✨ You had a tool that would allow you to instantly feel calm and centered as a busy yoga teacher, exuding zen.

✨ You could share this same tool with your students to also feel the same effects.

✨ You were a sought-after yoga teacher with a clear speciality.

✨ You could easily book out classes, retreats and workshops.

✨ You felt empowered to make your decisions from a place of trust, clearly connected to your own intuition.

Here's the problem


We are facing an epidemic of burnt-out yogis

The last couple of years have been one hell of a ride. Has yoga alone been enough to get you through, or are you feeling burnt-out running all over town to the re-opened studios?

Are your class numbers hit and miss and students seeming disconnected?

 Are you making the difference you long to make?

The world doesn't need more burnt-out yogis, it needs vibrant, rested and recharged change-makers to spread love & light  without depleting their own energy.

I'm no guru,
but let me be your guide.

Hi! I'm Michelle, I am a yoga teacher, reiki master-teacher, intuitive coach and author.

I spent 20 years working in busy digital agencies, once I had kids also in the mix the juggle, overwhelm and guilt was immense. I re-trained as a yoga teacher to bring balance to my life and schedule.

Having already overcome anxiety and depression with the power of yoga and personal development, I thought it would be enough. But I found myself exhausted from space-holding, suffering empathy fatigue from FEELING it all, mine and everyone elses.

Integrating reiki into my daily life has helped me lean in to trust, restore my energy and manifest a dream home and schedule doing what I love. I want to show you how.

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Who I work with

I help burnt-out yogis facilitate deep transformational healing for themselves and their clients by becoming a certified Reiki-Infused Yogi.

Who I don't work with

I only work with women, sorry guys! I also don't teach reiki to be practiced in a traditional, stand-alone reiki treatment in this program. Please get in touch if this is what you are after as it is on a 1:1 basis if we are a good fit.  


What makes this different?

This is designed specifically to support yogis and yoga teachers to integrate reiki into their practice and teaching. 


You will have 1:1 mentorship and support every step of the way - not just a day of reiki training then left to figure it out yourself. You will be fully held throughout the journey.


You will get lifetime access to training videos to revisit at any time.


I have been where you are, I know what you are going through and am deeply committed to guiding you through this.


You will become a specialist yoga teacher with all the skills to sell out reiki-infused yoga workshops and retreats should you desire. 


I take very limited numbers of clients at a time to give you my full energy and attention.

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Mastering reiki for you and your family & Level 1 certification`

Inside Milestone 1, you will discover the root of your burn out and fatigue as a busy yoga teacher. Get prepared to feel a renewed energy and re-kindling your love of teaching yoga.

Includes Reiki Level 1 certification. Be empowered to self-heal with reiki energy.



Infusing reiki into your classes & facilitating student transformations

Inside Milestone 2, you will take all that you’ve learned about your personal healing and integrate it into your daily life and teaching.

You will now have a powerful tool that’ll have your students craving your unique classes. Get ready to become a sought-after yoga teacher and experience booked out classes, workshops and retreats.



Becoming magnetic & Level 2 certification

Do you every wonder what it would feel like to become a super magnetic to your dream students? After milestone 3, you’ll deeply understand how to attract more opportunities, feel more confident in your yoga business and take aligned action. Reiki is the powerful energetic tool you’ve been seeking as a yoga teacher.

By the end of this milestone you will be Reiki Level 2 certified and ready to share with your community. 


"The affirmations really helped and I feel much calmer this week 🙏"

Caroline A.

"Am so enjoying the course! I really like Michelle's teaching style. I had a rough week at work so this weeks theme [peace] has been so appropriate."


"It's like therapy!"


A match made in heaven

Beat burn-out by reiki-infusing your practice.

End yoga teacher burnout, create unique student experiences and become a sought-after yoga teacher.


What's included

  • 1:1 Mentorship calls to support and guide you every step of the way.

  •  Certificate of completion for Reiki Level 1 & 2 for yogis.

  • 28 CPD Hours with Yoga Alliance Professionals for Registered Yoga Teachers.

  • Lifetime Access to course content to re-watch/re-fresh for life!


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Say no more, how do I get in?

There are two ways to invest in this training & mentorship, either a once-off payment or 3 x easy instalments to spread the cost.


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