Winter wellness retreat day

Yoga, Reiki & Ayurveda for winter wellness

Sunday 26th November 2023
10am - 5pm
at Merkabah Retreat, Dorset.


Energy Healing Day Retreat Join Michelle for a full day of healing practices designed to restore balance to your energy centres to leave re-charged and refreshed after your busy summer schedule!

What to expect

A day of healing to join in with as much or as little as you like, with plenty of space to just chill out and enjoy the surroundings and idyllic spot.

Designed to work with the energy of winter and promote seasonal wellness. If you're a Mum, this is the perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself and connect with other women in a calm and grounding environment. 

Schedule at a glance:

  • Welcome tea ceremony
  • Slow yoga yoga
  • Refreshments & light lunch
  • Ayurveda for winter wellness workshop
  • Reiki-Infused Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Afternoon tea
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Welcome tea ceremony

Start the day with a tea ceremony sharing circle where we harness the healing vibrations of the specific tea blend and set our intentions for the day.

Reiki-Infused Yoga

A unique combination of the energy healing of reiki with restorative yin yoga poses for physical, emotional and energetic healing.

Yoga Nidra

Experience deep rest with this yoga nidra practice, designed to release energetic blocks and promote healing and restoration. Come out feeling fully rested. 

It wouldn't be a treat without afternoon tea!

Afternoon tea is my all time favourite meal, so quintessentially British and delicious - a real treat! vegan option available. 

Meet Michelle.

Hi! I'm Michelle, I am a yoga teacher, reiki master-teacher, intuitive coach and author.

I spent 20 years working in busy digital agencies, once I had kids also in the mix the juggle, overwhelm and guilt was immense.

Having already overcome anxiety and depression with the power of yoga and personal development, I am dedicated to empowering women worldwide to manage their physical and mental wellness with a personalised holistic toolkit and my unique fusion of reiki-infused yin yoga. 


As Featured in:

"The affirmations really helped and I feel much calmer this week 🙏"

Caroline A.

"Am so enjoying the course! I really like Michelle's teaching style. I had a rough week at work so this weeks theme [peace] has been so appropriate."