An Introduction to Chakras

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An Introduction to Chakras

In a world that usual moves so fast we can barely pause, many of us have lost touch with our inner wisdom and ancient teachings. With a focus on our physical bodies and a never ending stream of advertising aimed at getting us to focus outwardly at all times, I’m calling you to turn inward and take a closer look at your energetic body as well as your physical.

Beautifully presented in this exclusive e-book which will teach you all the basics.

  • Introduce you to the concept of what chakras are.
  • Understand how they can affect your emotions, behaviours and physical body.
  • Learn how holistic tools can help.

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About the author.

Michelle overcame depression, negative body image and low self esteem with the power of yoga and personal development.

Featured in Health & Wellbeing and Spirit & Destiny Magazines, Michelle has developed a holistic toolkit that is the heart of her yoga teaching and coaching and is dedicated to empowering women to manage their physical and mental wellness in a way that works for them.